Friday 18 June 2010


a modern panopticon, allowing for views over London and the 2012 Olympic Site
(proper building photographs by Luke Hayes)

guests arriving for the opening on a lovely London summer evening

Bistrotheque's Mr. Flack and Mr. Waddington

Zaha Hadid's Olympic Aquatics Centre/Tongue

view of the Olympic Stadium under construction

pavilion at night

host Gwendolyn dressed in Giles Deacon with security Builder Bobs

Gwendolyn rushing home before midnight...

Tracey Emin wants her share of the action too...

and Tracey taking the bus back home...

Bistrotheque's Studio East Dining
16 JUNE - 4 JULY 2010
Dinner 7 for 7.30pm Wednesday to Saturday
Lunch 12 for 12.30pm Friday and Sunday*

Studio East Dining by Bistrotheque
Architecture by Carmody Groarke

London's most amazing rooftop dining experience; Bistrotheque opens a 3 week temporary dining room, and pavilion designed by Carmody Groarke, perched 35m atop Westfield Stratford City's 1.9 million sq ft site, overlooking the Olympic Stadium and Zaha Hadid's 2012 Aquatics Center. A fast build with a life span of just 3 weeks, weighing 70 tons, it is constructed from hired materials borrowed from the existing construction site, including: 2000 scaffolding boards, 3500 scaffolding poles, and reclaimed timber, used to create the walls and floors of the 800 square metre dining space. The cladding material which encases the roof, is a semi-translucent membrane, using industrial grade heat retractable polyethylene, all returned to the site afterwards and recycled without any waste.


To Start
Dorset crab, endive, grapefruit
Pickled herrings and sardines, orange, raisins, pine nuts
Cured English ham, piccalilli
Marinated heirloom tomatoes, grilled aubergine, courgette, chickpeas
Beaufort, Fennel, apple and walnuts

Steamed sea bass, samphire, broad beans, peas, lemon
Poached chicken, tarragon, watercress
Roast beef, horseradish
Grilled polenta, asparagus
Tomato, shallot, oregano gratin
Jersey royals

Patron XO, Vanilla ice cream
Strawberries, shortbread
Honey and thyme roast peaches, mascarpone

Cocktails by Patron Tequila

Saumur Rouge, Charles de Villeneuve 2009
Cheverney Blanc 'Unique', Domaine du Salvard 2009

Seating and service will be communal. The menu is designed to be served on shared plates along the centre of the tables. Guests are asked to help themselves to the dishes and share amongst one another.

75 GBP for 3-course Lunch or Dinner including cocktails, wine and service


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