Friday, 17 September 2010


Walker Art Gallery's Sculpture Gallery

Room 5 (18th century)

Room 7 (Romanticism & early 19th century)

Room 10 (impressionism & after)

Cameron, 2007

Room 2 (Medieval and Renaissance)

Room 1 (Medieval and Renaissance)

works by Patrick Caulfield and Michael Craig Martin in Room 13 (1950 to now)

Cameron looking at the exhibition

The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

Wolfgang Tillmans
Walker Art Gallery
18 September 2010 - 12 December 2010

An exhibition featuring nine photographic works by the Turner-prize winning artist, recently acquired by the Arts Council Collection, as well as a number of works from Tillmans’ own collection. The photographs are displayed as installations and interventions, curated by Tillmans, around the Walker Art Gallery. The installations reflect the artist’s very personal response to the Walker Art Gallery’s distinguished permanent collection. The exhibition promises to reinterpret some of the gallery's best-known works as Tillmans invites us to consider the relationship between works and the locations in which they sit, rather than simply looking at an individual piece.

See Wolfgang's own installation pictures here.

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