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"Pinochet Porn" is a soap opera-like narrative about five children growing up during the Pinochet regime, and their subsequent maturation into adulthood. Shot on Super-8, this feature-length film is based on a 2005 hand drawn film script "Circus Lives from Hell". The story while disclosing the intertwined lives of these five characters, also reveals its nature as a microcosm of surrounding political discord, cycles of destruction, and mounting violence. It is at once tragic and comedic. Segments of a particular history are made observable through the circumstances of the lives depicted, all obliquely revolving around the Pinochet regime in Chile. Within this story, childhood fantasy is permeated by structures of annihilation, which the characters later create in their own lives as adults. The story ends with the question: Is tragedy a choice? The title refers to the complex intimate relationships of the characters; but more so, to the regime’s systematic, sadistic destruction of individual lives - policies furtively upheld by the United States, United Kingdom, and the Papacy. This film stretches across the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, extending across continents, countries, cities…. It reaches from the shtetl, the barrio, the concentration camp, into a digital age of increasing mobility and globalization. Yet, despite genuine progress, it describes a world plagued by colonialism, imperialism, fascism, and terrorism.

This no-budget film has elicited collaboration from some of the most gifted people in the field. Your support would allow us to finish our film. All proceeds will go towards film processing, transfer and telecine, film shoots and editing. Your support is essential to helping us accomplish our vision and fulfil this goal.


Directed by : Ellen Cantor
Director of Photography : John Brattin
Art Director : Jay Kinney

 LIA GANGITANO!! - Pinochet's identical-twin daughters
Jim Fletcher - the Dictator
Andrew Haynes - the suffering Wife, the toy Boyfriend
Jay Kinney - the toy Boyfriend
Michel Auder- Husband One (he married both sisters!)
Spencer Sweeney - Husband Two (the young man)
John Thomson - Husband Three (he taught her about conceptual art...)
Ellen Cantor - Husband Four (the best friend), the Maid
Harri Kupiainen - Husband Five (the rock star!!)
Danny McDonald - Husband Six (he got her pregnant!)
Sofia Elisabeth Von Herrlich - the Baby!
Patrick Blumer - the Clown boy
Brandon Olson - the castrating man-eating demonic Girlfriend
Stephen Ward - Mambo Cha Cha (the famous DJ!)
Tristan Hughes-Freeland - Mambo Cha Cha as a child
Annabel Sexton - his little Sister
Rosalie Knox - the Nun

with special guest STAR appearances:
Francesca Gangitano
Carmel McMahon
Emma Nilsson
Mateo Kamzelas
Shandi Sullivan
Ryan Harman
Malcom Hamilton
Cate Giordano
Kerry Davis
Debbi Martini
Jo Murray
Arturo Carlo Samperi Malagnino
Nuutti Kataja from Dead Combo!!

and MORE to come ...
Cerith Wyn Evans - Osha the sex guru!

Narrated by : Pablo Leon de la Barra
Assistant Editor : Simon Popper, Nikos Pantazopoulos
Camera Assistance : Cate Giordano
Copy Editor : Nikos Dimitros
Creative Production Assistance : Jill Herman
Technical Assistance : Clinton Curtis, Glen Fogel

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