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Beta-Local, Call for Applications

La Práctica
La práctica
is an experimental study and production program for individuals coming from an art, design, architecture background, or from a related field. The program is aimed at people who are interested in thinking through the work itself and who are critically engaged with the here and now. There is a strong emphasis on production and collaboration. La Práctica is specifically designed for those interested in creating new conditions, relations and positions that will allow them to work in other contexts, not necessarily the established art circuit, and who, because of the particularities of a place’s adverse conditions or a lack of well functioning professional art structure support, have the need to create their own practice and space. We propose a structure through which each individual brings projects to the table which are discussed, critiqued and developed individually or collectively through a process open to collaboration. Visiting artists, program directors, program peers and workshops give shape to each year's program. La Práctica is flexible enough to sustain the kind of organic relationships that we hope take place between participants and visitors to Beta-Local from many fields.

La Práctica is one of Beta-Local's programs. Beta-Local is an independent organization in San Juan, Puerto Rico founded in February 2010. Beta-Local fundraises for its programs through the general public, private foundations, and individual donations, from $10 dinners to larger grants. Beta-Local was founded by Tony Cruz, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz and Michy Marxuach, who are its current directors.

Program Details
The program is one (1) academic year in length (September 2011 - May 2012) and represents a commitment of at least 20 hours a week during which each Fellow participates in a group seminar, attends visiting artist lectures or workshops and develops their work. The program costs are $6,000 USD per participant; Beta-Local fundraises the cost of the program in order to make it effectively free of charge. Travel and living expenses are covered by the participant. Beta-Local can facilitate the process of relocating for those not currently residing in Puerto Rico. Our flexible space is available to all the participants to use in the development of their projects. Besides focusing on their projects, every participant must offer at least one class through La Ivan Illich, [an open school]. 

Visiting artists, during 2010/11 included: Tania Bruguera, Carla Zaccagnni, Ashley Hunt, Jeanine Oleson, Ethan Spigland and others. Applicants should be able to converse in both English and Spanish to get the most out of the program.

To Apply send us this information:
-Send in one document your contact info, cv and two references who know your work well and who we can contact.
-A description of the projects or series of projects that you would like to develop during the following year. Put this in context in relationship to your previous work.
-A well organized zip file, pdf or web link to a well organized portfolio. (Plesase send through yousend it or similar service)

Send this info to

We will respond to all applicants and interview those applicants whose interests and projects are most compatible with the program. The selection committee is composed of 3 current participants of the program and two international artists.

For more information:

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