Friday, 21 January 2011


Last December I was invited to be one of the judges/selectors for the Des Pacio 2011 exhibition award, which consists on a solo exhibition at Des Pacio Gallery in San Jose Costa Rica. After reviewing more than 100 applications and portfolios (of which at least 40% were of good quality work), the jury composed of curator Clara Astiasarán, artist Federico Herrero, and myself, jointly decided on the following:

The Des Pacio 2011 Exhibition selected artists were:
Angélica Teuta (Colombia)
Alberto Rodríguez Collía (Guatemala)
Levi Orta (Cuba)

Special Mentions were given to:
Francesco Bracci (Costa Rica)
Fabiola Carranza (Costa Rica-Canadá)
Adrian Mellis (Cuba)
Kate Newby (Nueva Zelanda)
Oscar Pavón (Venezuela)
David Perez (República Dominicana-Guatemala)
Simón Vega (El Salvador)

Angelica Teuta, 'Interior Forest' (Forest for inside
4 overhead projectors, paper templates, cellophane, basic engine, computer fans (16x6x4 meters aprox.), 2009

Alberto Rodríguez Collía, 'La Invasion' (shanty house constructed out of rubbed etched drawings done from remains of existing shanty houses), 2008

Levi Orta, 'Modelos' 2007 (design and fabrication of fashionable clothing using the tshirts and materials distributed by the Cuban government during marches and political demonstrations)

Simón Vega, 'Sub-Tropical Cargo' and 'Enredadera Marginal', 2010

Fabiola Carranza, 'BEST', 'As Sheep a Trick' and 'The Tropics at Hand', 2010

Kate Newby, 'Crawl out your window', 2010

Francesco Bracci, 'Marea Plastica', 2008

Adrian Mellis, 'Value of Absence' (Excuses of workers for not going to work), 2010

David Perez, 'Estructura Completa', performance/video, (a blind Dominican person carries a handicapped Haitian), 2010

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