Monday, 13 June 2011


Performance done by Felipe Ehrenberg on Tuesday 7th of June 2011 at Pinta Art Fair in London, in which Felipe cuts himself on the chest and then imprints the blood on a roll of paper, while the radio plays a random station. On this occasion it was a news programme that coincidentally talked about if people should retire after 65, or if they should continue working, and if their pensions would last till they die. Felipe Ehrenberg was born in 1943, is 68 and as an artist does not have a retirement fund.

Ehrenberg dedicated this performance to his niece, her husband and their unborn child, who were very recently murdered in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico due to the drug war taking place there.

The cut on Ehrenberg's chest, and the imprints of blood on paper had the shape of the footprints of a bird.

Ehrenberg was invited to participate in Pinta Art Fair by Pablo Leon de la Barra, and is represented by Baro Gallery Sao Paulo.

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