Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Perros Negros and José Rojas present:
May 10 - June 7, 2008.

Working with fashion, design and architecture, Bless is a creative label and enterprise that aims at infiltrating and improving all possible stratas of material daily life. Based both in Berlin and in Paris since the late 90s and presented internationally, the duo - formed by Ines Kaag and Desiree Heiss - has developed a unique and unclassifiable label, overlapping art, design and fashion under the umbrella of a certain themelessness, that has allowed them to evolve as one of the most inventive and unrestrained designers label of our era.

Invited by museums and art centers internationally to exhibit their works and productions, it is often through subtle intervention on spaces or the conception of actual "Bless Shops” that Bless, in a pragmatically inventive manner and with strong poetic functionality, have responded to the invitations. A means to avoid museification in order to create situations in which the viewer’s experience remains at the center, and to focus on production rather than on self-representation or commentary.

A country curated shop offering customer agreed merchandise:

Eager to experiment with a more private and daily type of environment and space (as opposed to institutional or commercial contexts), BLESS will exhibit in a unique 1920s Condesa house (José Rojas architecture studio) combining interventions on the actual spaces and interiors with an integrated display of Bless products (furniture, clothes, accessoires,...) Trademark Bless items will be presented together with new objects based on Mexican craftsmenship in a very open yet more intimate kind of context.

Furthermore, and to reverse the usually passive role of the exhibition visitor or shop consumer, part of the exhibited pieces have been selected beforehand by a network of Mexican friends and collegues. A way to include and involve the audience in the actual curating and selection processes of the show, and to place the visitor/consumer at the same level as the artist/producer in the public results and experience of this project.

Location: Amsterdam 123, Col. Hipodromo Condesa, Mexico DF
Dates: the exhibition will be open to the public from May 10 to June 7 2008, Wednesdays thru Saturdays from 12pm to 6pm, and by appointment on other days.

The exhibition will open with a garden party on Saturday May 10, 2008, from 4 to 8pm, together with the presentation of the Paris based music magazine FAKE/REAL


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