Saturday, 10 May 2008


Hi Pablo,

How is it going? How was Mexico? Did you sold the painting?

I am in Egypt, at Alexandria, tomorrow I am giving a talk at the Goethe Institute here, then I am going to Cairo to see the Pyramids.

Here in Egypt is all dust, not only the desert but everywhere, in the streets, all around the city etc. Its not dirt-well its also dirt but not only- this dust has a G.J. Ballard quality like at the "end of the World" and the same time there is a certain sense of hope as if the dust is only a stylistic remark, a Hermes scarf produced by the industries of Destiny, as if the end is not final after all but its there only to confirm the words of Tommaso di Lambedusa at his book Il Gattopardo: "everything has to change in order to remain the same".

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