Monday, 19 May 2008


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Un landmark voodoo-cannibal, a jean cut on the crotch of a tree, a magician who handles several millennia of human production a few minutes, sticks of salt crystals fell on the Earth, a tiny engine pendulum, the house of maggots, a hunting lodge haunted by Guerlain… welcome to LEGEND: summer exhibition designed by Alexis Vaillant for the area.

More than a hundred works by forty-seven artists are met at the castle and in factories (chapel, ice, park, lookout) for the occasion. It finds a soap bubble scheduled for eternity, five tablets of chewing gum in a piercing enserrées for language, a golf club for amateur, a priestess Asian gloved levitate, a chocolate-strawberry spider, a black swan , Sculptures quilt, a head werewolf crystallized, white jean jacket of Ian Curtis, Jack Nicholson above the coucous and many other visual fulgurances.

Marked by acceleration, our time is now immersed in a continuous way that the media imposes. At the same time, this is only through the future that he assumed ready otherwise we would not / not even feel. The mass Archives "communicating" which follows last ten years is little exploitable, history, ours would become difficult to write. We would be moving on the side of the legend.

On this assumption, in particular, that is exposure. To do this, the castle was plunged into total darkness. The windows are all covered with mirrors. The multiplicity of points of view is relayed by lighting on a measure that the device is designed by Yves Godin. Entering the castle is out. What remains visible from the interior architecture is now playing in black and white, works only run the exhibition space. Each room is made by a haiku, Japanese poetic form the shortest in the world.

The visual haiku created generate the largest floating in a minimum immediacy, a floating listening to all forms of coincidences. Why? Because the legend is everywhere.

• Artists:
David ALTMEJD, Dan ATTOE, Matthias BITZER, Shannon BOOL, Ulla von BRANDENBURG, Peter COFFIN, Anne Collier, William Daniels, Andreas DOBLER, Michaela EICHWALD, Dee FERRIS, Aurélien FROMENT, Giuseppe GABELLONE, Ellen GRONEMEYER, Uwe HENNEKEN, Roger HIORNS, Benedikt HIPP, Karl HOLMQVIST, Dorota JURCZAK, John KLECKNER, Armin KRAMER, Bernd KRAUSS, Klara KRISTALOVA, Skafte KUHN, Rannva KUNOY, Paul Lee, Chris LIPOMI, Fabian MARTI, Jason MEADOWS, Alan MICHAEL, Melvin MOTI, Carter MULL, David MUSGRAVE, MRZYK & MORICEAU, Philip NEWCOMBE, Olivia PLENDER, Karin RUGGABER, Gedi SIBONY, Matthew Smith, Tomoaki SUZUKI, Naoyuki TSUJI, Erika VERZUTTI, Laurent VICENTE, Pae White, Jordan WOLFSON, Lisa YUSKAVAGE.

> On the occasion of the exhibition, a bilingual illustrated catalogue french-English is published. It includes texts by Jean-Philippe Antoine, JG Ballard, Craig Buckley, Yoann Gourmel, Raimundas Malasauskas, Will Holder, Karl Holmqvist, Shimabuku, Alexis Vaillant, Tris Vonna-Michell.

> Commissioner invited: Alexis Vaillant
> Art Director: Judith Quentel
> Operative light: Yves Godin
> Bruiteur: Record Makers

Exhibition at the castle and in factories, 25/05/08 at 28/09/08
Open daily from 12am to 19h
Groups daily by appointment
Free admission

• Opening May 25 at 15:30

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