Monday 11 May 2009


exterior of the old Andina Factory

entrance to Noa Noa!

sign with music, video and performance programme!

view of el Noa Noa

Colombian Rimax brand red chairs and tables, the best in the market

Daniela Romo video as part of the video programme selected by El Perro y la Calandria.
video programme also includes videos by: Los Super Elegantes, Tetine, Dani Umpi, avaf, Rick Castro...

golden curtain and hanging lights

Sexual rights posters borrowed from El Perro y la Calandria

homage to Felix Gonzalez Torres (Felix re-tropicalized)

golden curtains

'Si hay Chicha' sign and tropical Dan Flavin

Chicha Bar

Katy Hernandez seving chicha behind the bar

Cesar Ariza drinking chicha

artist Miguel Angel Rojas and Colombian ex-president Cesar Gaviria

sociologist Armando Silva and friend

artist Santiago Leal

Esteban Arboleda with lightbulb in mouth

Alcuadrado gallerist Gloria Saldarriaga

Colombian grand dame of art, Maria Angelica Medina

Juan Carlos on the platform

Edgar declaiming poetry

spontaneous performers on platform

curators Beatriz Lopez and Katy Hernandez

Three generations: Beatriz Lopez, Lola and Beatriz Elena

EL NOA NOA ‘un lugar de ambiente’ by Pablo Leon de la Barra with music and/or videos by Los Super Elegantes, Tetine, Dani Umpi, avaf, Rick Castro, Beatriz Lopez ‘B-Lo’, Adriana Lara/Lasser Moderna, Silverio, Esther Planas and a selection of classic pop videos in spanish from the 70s and 80s by ‘El Perro y La Calandria’

A TropiPopPolitical space inspired by ‘El Noa Noa’ the mythical and now disappeared seventies club/bar of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua immortalized by singer Juan Gabriel in his song and movie ‘El Noa Noa’.

El Noa Noa exists in the tensions created by the social control and escapism offered by music, drink, pop and party culture but also in its potential of social transformation and liberation.

With surprise live acts, a special appearance by Maria Angelica Medina, and ‘chicha’* to drink at the bar!

‘El Noa Noa’ is part of the Exhibition ‘No Mas Chicha’ curated by La Central (Beatriz Lopez and Katy Hernandez) for Alcuadrado at the now closed Andina Brewery. The factory an emblem of modernity - associated with progress and confidence in production – presents itself as the scenario to think about the end of the great discourses giving way to multiple and persol interpretations of the contemporary phenomena. In the 1940’s ‘No Mas Chicha!’ was the slogan used by the big breweries advertisement apparatus to stop the homemade production of ‘chicha’ and promote the regular consumption of beer. Along these lines the exhibition suggests a reflection upon the consequences of the modernization process.

*Chicha: name given to several varieties of alcoholic drink created from the fermentation of non-distilled corn and other cereals in the Americas. Chicha is a drink consumed in the American Continent since pre-european times.

‘No Mas Chicha’
Antigua Cervecería Andina
Calle 22b#31-43 Bogotá - Colombia
Opening: Saturday May 9, 2009 12pm to 4pm

Exhibition open from May 10 to 24, 2009 from 10:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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  1. Wow!
    Genial Noa Noa!
    El super stage!
    el bar...las lucecitas pop pop!!
    como me hubiera gustado
    estar con todos ustedes!!