Tuesday 27 October 2009


Hector Zamora's public art project in two buildings in Bogota

Hector Zamora
Delirio Atopico (Atopic Delirium)
Year: 2009
Technique: 14000 kg of plantains
Exhibition: Lugares Comunes
Place: Plaza comercial San Victorino and Edificio Monserratte – Bogotá – Colômbia
In Delirio Atopico, Zamora selected two buildings with transparent glass façades situated on Jímenez Avenue in downtown Bogotá, Colombia. Although the buildings are separated by a mere few hundred meters, each one faces dramatically different socioeconomic realities. The project intended to interrupt the urban landscape with an unexpected intervention in each of the buildings, cramming one of their levels from floor-to-ceiing with plantains. Over the course of 20 days the color of the fruits changed from green to yellow, to brown to black; their final state of decomposition. The use of the plantains, one of the staples of the Colombian diet, in an intervention in the city center stirred up political, social and cultural resonances for locals witnessing the piece.

photos by PLB text from Hector Zamora's website: http://www.lsd.com.mx/proyecto?id=69