Friday 23 October 2009


view's of Cooperativa Internacional Tropical space at La Otra

(ABASTRACT) by Stefan Bruggemann, skillfully made neon in Bogota!

Eduardo Consuegra. Reframed Colombian Magazine's from the 80s. 'Planet of the Apes', 'V', and 'Johnny Walker'

Felipe Mujica, silkscreen on cardboard. 'Escuela de Verano', logo for the 1968 Summer School in Santiago, Chile, and 'Philips Sun' light bulb packaging with old Philips logo blown up

Los Super Elegantes in Athens, Greece. The photograph being exhibited in Bogota, the Athens of Latin America!

Jesus 'Bubu' Negron, drawings of his real life job as a gardener

Chemi Rosado's 'History on Wheels (Humberto Eco-Historia de la Belleza)'

Carla Verea, photographs of Guatemalan bodyguards

Carla Zaccagnini, 'Museu das Vistas'. 'Museu das Vistas' consists on a mechanism for constituting a collection of drawings mediated by discourse. These drawings are made by police artists, according to descriptions of views provided by any person willing to take part on the project. Each of these drawings is made on auto-copying paper; the original graphite drawings are given to describers while the Museu das Vistas collects the blue copies on yellow paper.

Tania Bruguera, 'Untitled', Bogota, 2009
a table, a chair, pens, a poll box, four questions for the visitors to answer:
1. What is your personal concept of a heroe? (Describe the characteristics and conditions he/she must have)
2. Why and for what does the figure of the heroe exist?
3. What is the difference you think exists between a leader and a heroe?
4. Do you think the figure of the heroe is possible in Colombia today?

visitor answering Tania Bruguera's questions

Carolina Caycedo, 'Don't Pay Taxes' banner

Colombian conceptual artist, Maestro Antonio Caro, in front of Carolina Caycedo's banner

Julieta Aranda, most powerful woman in the art world! Ranked no.8 according to Art Review's Power 100

Beatriz Lopez, toilet paper ribbon, ready-made

artist and collector Artemio, new owner of Beatriz Lopez toilet paper roll-ribbon for $666 US dollars!

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