Saturday, 22 October 2011


Matthieu Laurette
Part 1 - Colombia
in collaboration with Ivan Argote, Felipe Arturo, Miguel Calderon, Francisco Camacho, Carolina Caycedo, Katy Hernandez, Arturo Duclos, Inti Guerrero, Julieta Gonzalez, Adriana Lara, Andrés Roberto Londoño, Beatriz Lopez, Juan Tessi, Laureana Toledo, Natalia Valencia...

From: Matthieu LAURETTE
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2011 14:35:17 -0500
To: pablo leon de la barra
Subject: TROPICALIZE ME! - invite -

Dear Pablo

As you know I am currently back and until November 1, in Bogotá and I'm also planning to travel a bit across Colombia. I am showing in Bogota (at Artbo) a first part of the project this week and the project remain on going since Summer 2010.

As I initially asked you to take part in my "Tropicalization" I once again would like to invite you to take part in my new project entitled "Tropicalize Me!".

"Tropicalize Me!" consist in a series of actions / experiments / tasks / instructions given to myself by Colombian and more widely "tropical" artists and curators in an attempt to efficiently "Tropicalize Me!".

It would be great to have you involved. Please provide me with up to 10 proposals / instructions at your earlier convenience. This could range from quite very simple actions (tasting something, going somewhere, attending a specific event, acquiring something, doing a specific action...) to more elaborated tasks that you consider are able to "Tropicalize Me!". I can't promise I will be able to realize all your suggestions but I will try my best (time and money permitting).

The project will also take place across latin America in the next few years (including Brasil, Mexico, Argentina and hopefully many more countries...) so feel free to reflect on tasks that could not only take place in Colombia if you wish.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes.

x ML

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