Sunday, 9 October 2011


Thomas Dozol wallpapering silkscreens inside the White Cubicle

Thomas Dozol's exhibition at White Cubicle

Thomas Dozol and Taryn Simon cutting the ribbon  to inaugurate Dozol's exhibition

Taryn Simon, Mr. Stipe, Mr. Dozol

guest dj Jeremy Shaw

Jordan Wolfson, friend, Francesca Gavin

Honourable Publican Mr. Richard Charles Battye with Mme. Terragni

curator Fatos Ustek, and Rodeo gallerist Sylvia Kouvali

curator Mr. Comer, Mme. Kouvali, and Mr. Fritz Haeg, gardener

Mme. Ustek with Mr. Andreas Angelidaks, architect

Jorgito Garriz Pelirrojo with Mirko De Lisi

curatora Nicoletta Lambertucci with artist Mr. Patrizio Di Massimo

Lady Phillipa Horan with Camaron Irving

Josephine Meckseper, Thomas Dozol, Emma Reeves

Thomas Dozol's sign language posters for utopia glowing in the White Cubicle

Opening: Sunday 9 October, 2011. 8PM to 11PM
Special guest dj for the night: Jeremy Shaw
The exhibition will remain on until end of October and can be visited daily from 18 to 24 PM

White Cubicle Toilet Gallery is honoured to present an exhibition by Thomas Dozol. I IS NOW Dozol presents a series of new photographic work which explores the relationship between the body, sign language, abstract geometry and colour codes. For it, Dozol has created a whole alphabet of hand signs screen printed as black light posters. Writing with a non-letter alphabet, images become phrases which become haiku like texts, but which also refer to the silent languages of minorities and subcultures. The back light posters also remind us of propaganda and political posters of the seventies and of the aesthetics of lost utopias. For the exhibition Dozol transforms the White Cubicle into a glow in the dark installation.

THOMAS DOZOL was born in Martinique and studied Economics, Social Studies and Theatre in Paris before moving to New York In 2002 where he became a photographer. His work has been featured in Interview, Vogue Paris, AnotherMan, Apartamento, Kaiserin and Kink. Dozol’s solo exhibitions include 'Entre Temps' at Envoy Gallery in New York in spring 2010 and ‘I’ll be your Mirror’ at Mais Soma in Sao Paulo in autumn of 2010. He also has a twin. You can visit his tumblr at:

THE WHITE CUBICLE TOILET GALLERY measures 1.40 by1.40 metres, is located within the Ladies Toilet of the George and Dragon, and works with no budget, staff or boundaries. White Cubicle presents a discerning programme of local and international manifestations as an antidote to London’s sometimes extremely commodified art scene. Past exhibitions have included the work of Deborah Castillo, Gregorio Magnani, Butt Magazine, Federico Herrero, Terence Koh, i-Cabin, Steven Gontarski, Pixis Fanzine/Princess Julia and Hanah, General Idea and avaf, Basso Magazin, Carl Hopgood, Giles Round, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Superm, (Brian Kenny and Slava Mogutin), Elkin Calderon, Wolfgang Tillmans, Calvin Holbrook/Hate Magazine, Husam el Odeh, Simon Popper, Fur, Dik Fagazine, Rick Castro/Abravanation, Jean Michel Wicker, Noki, Ellen Cantor,Karl Holmqvist, Julie Verhoeven, Aldo Chaparro, Esther Planas, Nikos Pantazopoulos, Luis Venegas, Twinklife, Rocky Alvarez, Benedetto Chirco, STH Magazine, Elmgreen & Dragset, Francesc Ruiz, Sico Carlier, Stefan Benchoam...

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